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Break Out Zone is Durham's most authentic, real-life Escape Room experience. We offer a thrilling, real-world adventure requiring one to break out of rooms, solve mysteries, save mankind and get out before time runs out! In other words, it is an interactive experience designed for a group of friends, family or co-workers. The objective of an escape game is simple; with only 60 mind-bending minutes you must work together, find clues, decode messages, solve problems and escape the room. We spend a lot of time crafting and designing our escape game rooms, so our rooms are quite realistic and are not for the faint of heart.


GTA's first live Murder Mystery party

Murder Mystery Oshawa

We also offer the GTA’s first live adventure Murder Mystery Party, where a group of 9-15 of your family, friends or co-workers will attend a “party” (lasting 2-3 hours). Each guest will be assigned a character to play. During the party, one of the guests will be murdered and another will unknowingly play the murderer. Guests must determine who among the group is the killer!

Paranormal Tours adventures

Paranormal Tours Oshawa

If you are more adventurous then you may be interested in our Paranormal Tours. Break Out Zone and The Paranormal Seekers have teamed up to offer guests a very unique 2-hour tour. Guests will attend Grimstone Manor (home of Break Out Zone) after hours (at night) to explore and search for paranormal evidence. Guests will have the opportunity to learn about the techniques and equipment used by the professionals. The professionals are a scientifically based research and investigation group that was founded in 2004. Using psychic abilities, technology, and research, they take their investigations very seriously and respectfully.

Giving Back to the Community

When we are not designing and testing new escape room experiences, we are busy connecting and giving back to the community. Break Out Zone is proud to have sponsored and worked with many local charities and organizations such as:

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